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Termenul Cautat: note muzicale
Cautari Asemanatoare: portativ cu note eu sunt barbu lautaru, felicitari muzicale de sf maria, Note musicale , portativ cu note pt pian, radu mami note muzicale, note , notele muzicale pentru vioara la valsul rebicov, note muzicale la pian, radu mami radule notele muzicale, notele muzicale la jingle bells,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Useless ID - Note
I heard this story you were in it, don't know if it's true Lately every song i've written turned out about you I'd go all over town to find you're nowhere to be found And when i'm done i'll end up sleep
2. The Divine Comedy - Note To Self
Monday Restate my assumptions Heaven and hell Do not exist Tuesday Restate my assumptions If you die you do so At your own risk Into the heart of darkness Beyond the point of no return Wed
3. Doug Supernaw - The Note
Writers: Buck Moore/Michelle Ray The note was short, but Lord so strong It simply said, I can't go on And live a lie with someone I don't love She couldn't tell me face to face Oh but how my world was
4. Pantera - Suicide Note PT I
Cheap cocaine, a dry inhale, the pills that kill and take the pain away Diet of life, shelter without, the face that cannot see inside yours and mine (Pre) When I'm hiding, when I need it, it let
5. Pantera - Suicide Note PT II
Out of my mind, gun up to the mouth No pretension, execution, live and learn Rape and turn Fret not family, nor pre-judged army This is for me, and me only, cowards only Try it (Chorus) Don't
6. Nuno Bettencourt - Note On The Screen Door
Time flows Like ink to paper towards the stars Then cools into blue ice Then cracks Cracks like glass Goodbye Love dies slowly Flows like molten rock Towards the heart Then cools to a cold steel ed
7. Sixpence None The Richer - Tension (Is A Passing Note)
do I murder when I forget you from afar too drunk on the poison of endless roads and the countless smokey bars but tension is to be loved when it is like a passing note to a beautiful, beautifu
8. Converge - Farewell Note To This City
Disenchanting the romantic This is the real, this is the shame These limbs search feverishly for the gift of gravity Coarse twine tears clean And I have thought about this very instance for all time D
9. Larger Than Life - Note To Self City Park, 2pm
i've got it written on my hand city park at 2:00 a lonely bench awaits where in the world are you? clouds are coming in gray skies that were blue cover this small town now that it's left without you
10. Five For Fighting - Bloody Mary (A Note On Apathy)
Over by the still she says, “Man I think you better wait for tomorrow! Take this pillow for your head And I'll take you.” Back against the beast I went To feel her coming, hot for a follo

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