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Termenul Cautat: lala band cine esti
Cautari Asemanatoare: hei tu num lua inima sapte iubiri din privirea ta e blestem sa n ai parte de iubiri te bl, Ai talent artistic Esti textier Esti compozitor Esti orchestrator Suna la 0769 10 90 9, Ai talent artistic Esti textier Esti compozitor Esti orchestrator Suna la 0769 10 90 9, In ochi mei acum sunt lacrimi de foc Astazi numic nu are rost Te vad te simt de parca t, Ne iubim ne iubim esti soarele meu eu subt lumea ta in brate vom pleca si ne vom bucura , ref copilita fără minte de ce nu esti tu cuminte baieti nu i lasi in pace ciuda nu face, zile bune zile rele cu totii trecem prin ele cine I norocos ca mine are numai zile bune, am gresit ai plecat am platit ca nu te am iertat cindva mi a ramas doar amintirea ta est, cine are ceva de spus sa ridice mana sus si sa strin n gura mare asta i cheful cel mai tar, esti atit de departe si doar in vise acum mai vad privirea ta oare ce ne desprte vreau sa ,

Rezultate Versuri
1. pariu cu viata - lala band antidrog
Tu credeai ca ai gasit intr-un plic o bucata de raite te-ai convins cai un vis,dar fara culori si acum plangi ca te sumti mult prea gol in joc e viata ta viata ta viata ta hai spune stop cu noi si nu te ma
2. Candy - Cine esti
Strofa1: Ai aparut cand nu styam Ce e iubirea dar totusi speram Sa te-ntalnesc, un gand nebun Mi te-a-dus in suflet si as vrea sa-ti spun: Anterefren:Nu te cunosc dar poate ai vrea Sa te opresty o
3. anda adam - nu stiu cine esti
nu stiu cine esti ce doresti e cinev in casa mea la minen dormitor ma striga pe nume nu stiu cine e zic 9119 cineva sa vina repede aaa
4. Implikat - Haide spune mi cine esti (feat Gesta, Cutty Si Elena)
I. Stau si-mi amintesc, imagini din trecut Cand stateam la colt de strada, n-a trecut atat de mult, Si acele nopti cand ne adunam cu totii, Cand radeam si glumeam pana dupa miezu' noptii. Ai uitat sau
5. Morandi - BEIJO uh lala
Toda a vida te busco mora Pergunta a gente na rua Quero ser contigo so nos dois Apaixona baby, vai ser pois... REFREN: ooh, vem uma e beijou la vem una e beijou la vem uma e beijou uhlala ibio b
6. Ten Years After - THE BAND WITH NO NAME
7. Three Dog Night - One Man Band
(written by Tommy Kaye, January Tyme and Billy Fox) - peaked at #19 in 1971 Ain't no two ways about it I just can't live without ya Let's get together, I can't wait forever Here I am, take my hand I'
8. Relient K - For the band
Now for the question It just won't go away So what are we Gonna do today Cuz it seems like For the last four years We've had far much Let some say I know I always come out Like a pessimist But th
9. Meganoidi - One Man Band
I'm not just a one man band tell me what's wrong I'll help you if I can meanwhile I'll keep singing for you You're not just a O.M.B give me your advice just tell me what's the price your stor
10. Leo Sayer - One Man Band
Writers: Leo Sayer & David Courtney well everybody knows down ladbrook grove you have to leap across the street you can lose your life under a taxi cab you gotta have eyes in your feet you find a
11. Pixie Lott - Band aid
When I met you I really didn't like you First impression was that you were somebody who Walked right by when I waved at you and say 'Hi' But they say Bad beginnings make happy endings And now that I know y
12. Agoraphobic Nosebleed - 5 Band Equalizer
detachable mindset. fusing of the forked tongue. collective behavior. the sweat of fascism. someone give these dogmatic bastards a bath. servitude/genocide. rise gilgamesh. mulatto demigod. novas ur
13. Most Precious Blood - And The Band Played On
Anywhere but here Anytime but now Anyone but you I don't want to make assumptions but if I have to then I will You never really cared You were never really there What it once meant Still means a lot to me
14. Motley Crue - 1st Band On The Moon
There's a problem with the girls here on Earth They stopped acting dizzy wearing miniskirts Seems like everything wild is in distaste Gotta get my band off in outer, outerspace I want a place that
15. T.I. - Rubber band man
[Chorus:] (Ay, who i'm is?) Rubber band man Wild as the Taliban 9 in my right 45 in my other hand. (who i'm is?) Call me trouble man always in trouble man worth a couple hundred grand chevys, all
16. Ours - Kill The Band
The sky was screaming I lost you I tried, but me what could I do? Get out of bed undo your head until you don't look like a junky Get out of bed undo your head think about what you say Kill the band K
17. Poison - Strike Up The Band
Living off the friends we made Never ever getting paid Kicking ass and paying dues Lose our mind in self abuse Loving ladies by the score Waking up and wanting more I hope my Mama understands When I
18. Del Amitri - Drunk In A Band
Pat is the guy with a record shop and John sells fruit but wants to be a cop and Paul deals speed in a celtic top but I'm just a drunk in a band Joe does tele-sales and martial arts and Jim pushe
19. Rancid - Ghost Band
Woooooooooh Ghost band, ghost band, There's a ghost band, girl, playing our songs now, Ghost band, ghost band, There's a ghost band, girl, playing our song And they knew all the lyrics by heart,
20. McLusky - Fuck This Band
Fuck this band And their demon seed Cos if they burst out You're responsible Yeah fuck this band Cos their clothes don't fit But their dancing clowns Are incredible Keep your passport near

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