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Termenul Cautat: cu drag adda
Cautari Asemanatoare: Drag mie chipul mamei meli versuri, CRBL feat ADDA raku Usor usor, cu drag adda, cu drag, drag mi chipul mami mele maria salaru, Uite aici versurile A sosit timpul trist Ca sa ne despartim In curand zorii zilei vor , Sever feat Adda N ai să te schimbi, adda, Sa te gust intreaga noapte Si mi e drag momentu cand tare in brate am sa te stran, drag mii chipul mamei mel,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Grey Daze - Drag
Puncture me Make me feel like I am real Torture me Drag me under you Tide lifts me up and down Tide makes me Shut up Life Is much too short to be intoxicated Life is too short to be a drag Pleas
2. Tonic - DRAG ME DOWN
There's a reason why the words got hard for me to bare Because within them was the promise of a life that just wasn't there You're not my friend and I have no doubt That I finally figured it out You'
3. God Lives Underwater - Drag Me Down
You don`t know me Think you can judge me Budge me rape me Love me. You wait for me to Just believe you Like all the times before I was young then Ask for it again I feal the sweat in my eyes How
4. Grant Lee Buffalo - DRAG
Shoot that cannonball into my wings Shoot that cannonball into my wings Into my wings Gunpowder stings You better tell me sweet things Unload your pretty head into my ear Unload your pretty head into
5. Finger Eleven - Drag You Down
its biting, its teething, its biting, im bleeding, its calling, its crawling, its calling and im falling, the perfect sound of middle ground, pull me under before i try to drag you down, someone has t
6. New Model Army - Drag It Down
They started work this morning down at city square They're pulling down the statues of our great grandfather's hero The new books said he wasn't such a great man after all And anyway remember that the t
7. Orphanage - Drag You Down
Shut your mouth and€‰ It's in my heart. It's in my veins. My wish is your command. You will obey all that I say. Or suffer by my hand. Serving me is all you're living for. So do not think,
8. Saves The Day - A drag in d flat
If every limb were broken, tires had all worn thin and my toes are all in pieces. Do you know what I would do? I would play can you drag yourself 200 miles with just your fingernails? A little ga
9. Weezer - Knock Down Drag Out
Any day now you'll call me up on the phone Say you love me more than you ever did before It's all that I can do right now To make it up to you somehow And meet you on the other side of home Take no pr
10. Fastball - Slow Drag
Slow drag off a cigarette Slow drag and I'm lying in my bed All the world is sleeping like a baby tonight I wanna lay you down In the ground. Alright. Slow drag and I can't get up now Slow drag. You'
11. Loredana - Suflet drag
I: ?n orice zi m-a luminat un soare ?n orice zi am navigat pe-o mare C?te stele au căzut At?tea lacrimi am pierdut Dar tu n-ai aparut. Refren: Suflet drag, Te-ai rătăcit ?n noapte
12. Pogues - The Old Main Drag
When I first came to London I was only sixteen With a fiver in my pocket and my ole dancing bag I went down to the dilly to check out the scene And I soon ended up on the old main drag There the he-mal
13. Elliott - Drag Like Pull
14. Radu Ilie - Siam venit cu drag la voi
Refren: Si-am venit cu drag la voi Sa petrecem impreuna Si s-aprindem foc cu noi S-aiba numai voie buna Si-am venit cu drag la voi Sa petrecem impreuna Si s-aprindem foc cu noi S-aiba numai voie bu
15. Cutiuta Muzicala - Drag mie jocul romanesc
Drag mi-e jocul romanesc Dar nu stiu cum sa-l pornesc Hei hei tralala lalala Bine de nu l-oi porni Eu rusine oi pati Hei hei tralala lalala Nu te uita la cojoc Ci te uita cum ai joc Hei hei tralala
16. Laura Nyro - When I Was A Freeport And You Were The Main Drag
You took my heart, misery. You taught me blues. Well I got a lot of patience baby, that's a lot of patience to lose. I’m crying. I’m mad at my country, now I've been treated bad when I was a freepor

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