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Termenul Cautat: cu drag adda
Cautari Asemanatoare: Drag mie chipul mamei meli versuri, CRBL feat ADDA raku Usor usor, cu drag adda, cu drag, drag mi chipul mami mele maria salaru, Uite aici versurile A sosit timpul trist Ca sa ne despartim In curand zorii zilei vor , Sever feat Adda N ai să te schimbi, adda, Sa te gust intreaga noapte Si mi e drag momentu cand tare in brate am sa te stran, drag mii chipul mamei mel,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Adda - Culori (feat Dj Stephano)
Vad culori, luminile se aprind x2 Umbrele danseaza, se duc spre cer Noptile se pierd, se duc spre cer, Tot in jur vibreaza din inima mea, Se aude muzica…. x3 Lasa pensulele pe-o foaie mata, Sufle
2. Adda and Tzeastha - Mintzi Murdare Fakute Praf
E prea multh fum in jur Nu pot zambi akum Mintea ta bolnava imi cere multh prea multh E prea multh fum in jur Nu pot zambi akum Mintea ta bolnava imi cere multh prea multh Refren: Uita de tot u
3. Drag on - Ladies 2000
Uhh, my ladies, my ladies, uhh HOOK: Who made me burn all of my numbers to bitches, you do Who made me turn in early leavin' my niggas, you do Who do all the cooking at night in the kitchen, you do Wh
4. Drag on - Here We Go
Uhh, yeah, uhh Drag-On, E-V-E Bronx style Q, uhh, yeah, uhh, uhh Yeah, what, yeah, yo , yo [Drag-On] I'ma pop them guns, hit them niggas up Switch that buggy Drag, get that bigger truck Watch Drag s
5. Drag on - Groundhog Day
Everyday is the same day Its Groundhog day, its Groundhog day Verse 1: Wake up in the morning wipe the cold from my eyes Put my dick in, grab the ashtray and take a tote from the lye Hear the folks ou
6. Drag on - Opposite Of H2O
[Verse 1] Yo this nigga Drag-On burn niggas, flame niggas, potch niggas Sautee niggas, skin scorch niggas You could be any complexion, black, caucasian We spit razors in kiloid faces Like ear to ear,
7. Drag on - Life Goes On
Drag-On: (Speaking) Life is crazy man, it's fucked up. (You a half a nigga) You was never there for me, you know. You know, take care of yours. When I get mine, I'ma take care of mine. You can belie
8. Drag on - Pop It
[Verse 1] Yo, who want it with us, y'all niggas not fuckin wit us Y'all hoppin nimrods, we holdin on up under the truck We caked out, we all got cars so when we wake up in the mornin We race out, but f
9. Drag on - Ready For War
[Styles Paniro] Yo, yo I could keep my eyes closed, still reading the signs Young niggas think they hungry then you feed em a nine Might kidnap they ass start feedin em swine So I don't feel bad when I
10. Drag on - Niggas Die For Me
[Drag-On] Uh, let's go Whoo! Drag-on baby [DMX] Come on 1 ?[DMX] My niggas is the niggas that'll ride with me My niggas is the niggas gettin' high with me My niggas is the niggas that'll die with m
11. Drag on - The Way Life Is
[Verse 1] Listen up, yo, shit I get upset if I see a nigga, layin in his sweats With blood comin out his head like sweat, knowin I could be next So, what about all the babies that aint fully born That'
12. Drag on - Snipe Out
[Drag-On] We the niggas that y'all niggas wish y'all can blaze that We put niggas where they can't get their days back So gone brush your hair nigga, we knock off wave caps And have niggas like pat can
13. Drag on - Get It Right
[DMX] Def myself man, fuck that Chorus: [DMX] Drag-On, niggas act on Messin with the team, its gon be a sad song X will bring the day and the night Cuz we get it right, hit it right, get it right, sp
14. Damian Marley feat Stephen Marley, Capleton and Drag on - Regge music
CHORUS (Stephen Marley) It was written up in the book of life That man shall endure forever more It was written up in the book of life That man shall endure forever more VERSE Well did you know

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