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Termenul Cautat: connect r date n dragostea mea
Cautari Asemanatoare: Connect R Da te n dragostea mea , mai date n dragostea mea connect r, nu lasa nimic sa ne desparta sa ne distruga dragostea curata daca gresesc sa mi cer mii de, mai date n dragostea mea conect r, date n dragostea ma, Connect R Feat Alex Daca Dragostea Dispare, Buna seara dragostea mea Ai venit pe o raza de stea Sa mi aduci fericirea Visul care m, da ajunge numai o privire dragostea din suflet s o ntelegi si eterna ei martuirsire , Niciodata sa nu ti pierzi speranta Vei stii sa intelegi Dragostea sa crezi in ea S, te blestem sa nai parte de iubire te blestem sa traiesti din amintiri te blestem pentru c,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Holly Valance - Connect
Why are you searching for another lover? Why don't you give me some respect? I wanna strong, sensitive guy I want him brow, but ever so shy A gentleman with dignity If you don't get this, it ain't you
2. Over It - Connect The Dots
a purple sunrise starts this long day we must be on our way to some place new on our way to some place wed never thought wed stand its easy to sit back in this place and close my eyes to see your face
3. Alexandra Ungureanu feat Crush - Dragostea ta (aprinde dragostea)
u exista foc care ma poate aprinde... I: Atunci cand tu lipsesti Si cand imi este greu Rostesc numele tau. Atunci cand esti aici Si caut linistea Ma tin de mana ta... Refren: Nu exista foc ca
4. Scott Weiland - The Date
She waits for a date And yet she knows that he's not coming He waits for the date And yet he knows that he's not coming I hope that it's not the break up And I hope that it's just the break She waits
5. Abra Moore - First Date
It’s late at night about 12 and everyone is fast asleep Just you and I are left now, and we both take a seat. The mood around us changes, although we act as if it’s not. And we stare at the televisi
6. Vandals - I Have A Date
I saw a girl and she drove me wild She looked at me and I looked and smiled The cutest girl you'd ever see I never dreamed she'd go out with me We met at school so I asked her out The only girl I eve
7. Himsa - The Date Is Here
Daunting colossus eve The door opens, expiration Hand fed cyclical rotation Package pretty invitation Appease the retched spiral nation Glass reflecting Image pending What does this mean Hallowed be they n
8. Pavement - Date With Ikea
The actress is always breaking things the things you made and she took you for And I'm so tired -- I'd be lying -- I hope the prarie buys you more The fitness coast is growing near the shores they don'
9. Pennywise - Date with destiny
A burning plane as its going down the last scream before it hits the ground A lost ship on a raging sea a blinking distress signal of emergency A run away train careening off the tracks the last breath b
10. Metal Church - Date With Poverty
[K. Vanderhoof / M. Howe] I live my life the best I can, sometimes I need a change Losing all my marbles wasn't part of the game Existing day by day tormented by the telephone It's hard enough to l
11. Anal Cunt - You Got Date Raped
you just wanted to hold hands but he wanted to fuck he's twice your size and weight so you're shit out of luck [chorus:] you got date raped, date raped [x4] you whined to the judge, your eyes were full
12. Emmylou Harris - (Lost His Love) On Our Last Date
(Floyd Cramer/Conway Twitty) It's over our love affair Too late now I find I care His sweet love no more I'll share Now he's gone I'm alone I was wrong should have known Took me home on our last
13. Kool Keith - Intro (Release Date)
[Kool Keith] This is the intro Why are you looking hard with a hood on and Timberland boots staring at me for one hour - - when you could walk up and shake my hand? Why? Why are you making those mea
14. Arsonists - Date Of Birth (Intro)
[Swel] Yes y'all, GOD bless y'all See now this is what y'all been waiting for And this is what we gon bring to you (Arsonists!) And believe me, we re-relate it too I'm pyro #79, Swel Boogie Listen up
15. Etno - Dragostea
Refren: Dragostea ii tare dulce de n-as bea nu m-as mai duce As sta cu badita-al meu sa iubesc mereu Dragostea ii tare buna as iubi o saptamana In poiana cu mandra sa-i arat ce-i dragostea Nu m-am d
16. Liviu Mititelu - Dragostea
Dragostea te face cum vrea ea Cand iubesti iubesti cu inima De-as putea sa comand inimii As iubii mereu si n-as mai suferii refren X 4: Da e si buna si rea Asa e dragostea Da , da Face numai c
17. Guta feat Denisa - Dragostea de nu
Ce ne facem noi Iubire Ce ne facem noi cu dragostea Acum ca suntem departe Ar fi fost mai bine fara ea Ce ne facem noi Iubire Ce ne facem noi cu dragostea Acum ca suntem departe Ar fi fost mai bin
18. Chocolate Girl - Dragostea
Refren: Daca vreodata ti-ai imaginat Ca dragostea nu poate exista Atunci sa stii te-ai inselat... 1. Sa stii ca eu te iubesc, Si nici nu te-amagesc Dar totusi vreau iubirea ta... 2.Si tot ce imi
19. Holograf - Dragostea mea
I: Nimeni n-a stiut cand a inceput Nimeni cand s-a terminat Nimeni nu mi-a spus cand te-a durut Nimeni cand te-ai bucurat. II: Ma intreaba zilele daca mai vii Si noptile daca mai s
20. O zone - Dragostea din tei
x5 Ma-ia-hii Ma-ia-huu Ma-ia-hoo Ma-ia-haa Alo, Salut, sunt eu, un haiduc, Si te rog, iubirea mea, primeste fericirea. Alo, alo, sunt eu Picasso, Ti-am dat beep, si sunt voinic, Dar sa

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