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1. James Taylor - Baby Boom Baby
Somehow the season always brings a picture of you Baby boom baby Holding on for everything you figured you're due Little turtleneck girl The moon on your shoulder The wind in your lovely hair Oh what
2. Frankie Valli - Bye bye baby (baby goodbye)
If you hate me after what I say Can't put it off anymore I just gotta tell you anyway Bye bye baby, baby good-bye (Bye baby, baby bye bye) Bye bye baby, baby good-bye (Bye baby, baby bye bye) Yo
3. DNH - Baby Go Bye Bye
I know wassup You been peepin out me And if you really wanna know what be goin down then Come and keep me company Don't try to hide How you gonna deny How you gonna tell me that you don't want none o
4. The D4 - Little Baby
[1st Verse] You see me baby And you say , See me after the show . Or maybe later , but I gotta go . You say , Come over my house , I got the whole loaded . Alright , shake little baby and sho
5. Sugar Jones - Baby Boo
Hey boy gotta know what to do babe I just wanna talk to you babe Ive been waiting for some of your honey lovin baby I been tryin to fight this feelin Crazy sexy real cool feelin Can we do it baby
6. Dwight Yoakam - Baby Why Not
(Dwight Yoakam) Oh baby why not Just take one more chance And risk all we got On this luckless romance If someone asks why We'll say we forgot And went kinda crazy Oh baby why not If love needs a
7. G Unit - Baby U Got
[50 Cent] Ahhhhhh! G-Unit! [Intro/Chorus - 50 Cent] Baby you got, you got, you got, you got what I want Baby you got, you got, you got, you got what I need Now shake that thang Shake it, shake it, sh
8. Jayhawks - Baby, Baby, Baby
Baby, baby, baby I had to move along I took my bags, I took my car But it all went wrong Beneath the gloom I hear the sirens whine they sound so far away A darkened room I hear you call my na
9. Kumbia Kings - Baby
Hablando: AB Quintanilla y Los Kumbia Kings Te traen este ritmo caliente Y te pide que te seques esas lágrimas de cocodrilo DJ…uno dos, probando probando Cumbia Cantando: Baby ya no llores má
10. Rihanna - Oh baby
Someone take this gloom, and walk right on, Take it some place that I don't go. Try to push myself, it just holds me back, The stronger I go. I'm learning fast to fly away, And I took the blues ?
11. Lili Haydn - Baby
Written by Lili Haydn & Corky James Baby is squirming toward grace Baby is learning her place Baby is leaping toward faith and Baby has chose her fate and No one, no one, no one save her But one ensl
12. Ronam Keating - Come be my baby
Come be my baby Please come be my baby now Can we just make love Trust me let me show you how You and me we got the perfect chemistry And what it is will always be a mystery Sometimes we fight but
13. Ricky Nelson - Be bop baby
a-Be-bop baby a-Be-bop baby a-Be-bop baby She's the gal for me-ee She got plenty of rhythm, got plenty of jive And when we dance it really comes alive My love for her's so tender and sweet My
14. JS - Baby, Come On
15. OK Go - Bye Bye Baby
Bye bye, baby Cybil says as she walks out the door. You can bet that Hollywood looks oh-so-good, much better than it ever has before. So my pets have left me in search of careers and richer soils,
16. Must - Hey Baby
I would never tell you what to do I would never tell you how to be You are yours be yourself it抯 the only way I抦 standing by your side I抦 not standing in your way Do you hear me? Do you want
17. Samantha Mumba - Baby come over
Baby Come Over
18. Joe Diffie - All Because Of A Baby Boy
Up and down the street tonight There?s a Santa Claus at every light Trees for sale on the corner lot Waiting for a home Everywhere across the land Gifts are wrapped with loving hands Around the world
19. Brian Wilson - Be My Baby
Be My Baby Lyrics The night we met I knew I needed you so And if I had the chance I'd never let you go So won't you say you love me I'll make you so proud of me We'll make 'em turn their heads
20. R Kelly - Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
[Spoken] Anything you want baby Anything your heart desires Because you've been there for me (Truly there for me) I'm gonna give it to you Listen

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