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Termenul Cautat: Thrift shop
Cautari Asemanatoare: Macklemore Ryan Lewis ft Wanz Thrift Shop, MACKLEMORE RYAN LEWIS THRIFT SHOP FEAT WANZ, macklemore thrift shop, MACKLEMORE RYAN LEWIS THRIFT SHOP, Versuri Macklemore Thrift shop, Thrift shop, Samurai Junk La spice shop in vale, shop, candy shop, 50 cent candy shop,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Boerescu Ana-Maria - Thrift shop (romana)
Second hand Hei, Macklemore! Putem merge să cumpărăm de la "second hand"? Ce, ce, ce, ce? Voi rupe nişte etichete Am doar 20 de dolari în buzunar Vânez,caut o înălţare Asta e bestial
2. C Murder - Closin Down Shop
Intro (Talking) C-Murder: Say Magic, Slim bro, nigga we gotta go ahead and close that little quarter shop we got on Broad, fuck them niggas watchin us bro we gotta lay low nigga fuck Hook Soulja SL
3. Sublime - Pawn Shop
Down there at the pawn shop It’s a nifty place to shop What has been sold is not strictly made of stone Please remember it’s flesh and bone
4. Ace Of Base - Candy shop
feat. Olivia [Intro: 50 Cent] Yeah... Uh huh So seductive [Chorus: 50 Cent & Olivia] [50 Cent] I take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the lollypop Go 'head girl, don't you stop Keep
Puts up the closed sign does the man in the corner shop Serves his last then he says goodbye to him He knows it is a hard life But its nice to be your own boss really Walks off home does the last custo
6. Kid Dynamite - Sweet Shop Syndicate
Through your terms of endearment, refer to her as a bitch slut a whore and a hole. Caress her emotions. Caress her trust. Squeeze them tighter then take her soul. Polluted by the crimes of my gender, she s
7. The Auteurs - JUNK SHOP CLOTHES
Junk shop clothes Will get you nowhere They抮e out of season It抯 betrayal with no treason Junk shop clothes Will get you... There is no reason why Your mother was a seamstress Claim Soutin
8. Xscape - Hip Hop Barber Shop Request Line
Word up hey word up hey for real doh hey this is skitle rock from the hip-hop barber shop and once again that was a dedication sending out to all my partners percalating in the windy city what's up

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