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Termenul Cautat: O sosea din europa
Cautari Asemanatoare: O sosea din europa, europa fm, mesaj pentru europa parazitii, mesaj pentru europa, te astept iubirea mea cu bicicleta la sosea, diana-hopa hopa. in europa,

Rezultate Versuri
1. Prozzak - Europa
I remember like it's yesterday The song we used to sing What was it's name Danced together till the break of day And I knew I'd never be the same Now so many winters turned to spring But where is the
2. Count Raven - Europa
3. C.I.A - Alo, europa!
La noi e criza, romanii si-au mutat apartamentul intr-o valiza Europa, te iubim si-o sa-ti facem o surpiza Fara viza, fara bani, fara miza In cativa ani facem Parisul Bucuresti, Champs Elisee-ul in Li
4. Korova - Europa In Flammen
[Guest-Lyrics written by Fra Diavolo] [for the Soundtrack of Fritz Protivinsky's B-Movie Panzerzombie IV] GemeiŸelt aus Fleisch mit Feuer und Stahl Das Kunstwerk der Leiche, gewunden in Qual. Skulpt
5. Kataklysm - Embracing Europa
The signs of Armageddon among us The discovery of new world Is among us Europa a moon of Jupiter In the midst of ice age And early stages of life Towards Europa The revolution has begun Into subm
6. Thomas Dolby - Europa And The Pirate Twins
I was fourteen She Was Twelve Father travelled - hers as well Europa Down the beaches Hand in hand Twelfth of never on the sand Then war took her away We swore a vow that day: We'll be the Pirate

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