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Elena Gheorghe - Amar tu vida
Amar tu vida, amar tu vida, Por favor corazon, Sigue sonando despierto. I'm flyin' so high And livin' my life I love the way, I love the way this feels like. I never think twice Just roll the dice, dice
Elena Gheorghe - Amar tu vida feat. dr. bellido
Solo te pido que me des un beso, Cogerte de la mano y llevarte hasta el cielo, Dame una oportunidad, quiero amar tu vida, Solo quiero darte el universo, Mujer latina lo que yo mas quiero, Dame una opo
Elena Gheorghe - Balkan girls
The Balkan girls they like to party Like nobody, like nobody It’s time for me to unwind I’m gonna start my weekend with a tonic and lime My girls take me for a ride Ready to party and looking so
elena gheorghe - Midnight Sun
Feelling i can not on a dance on the night And may be may be,I gotcha baby I sunny may before and you just my peen Finding like you just like me ooo baby , baby Come on ,Come to belive that, Don`t my


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