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Macabre - Acid Bath Vampire (John George Haigh)
You will die by surprise when I take your life I will smile John George Haigh was a vampire who drank old ladies blood then put them in a non-corrosive drum and with acid he'd dissolve them Wit
Macabre - Ambassador Hotel
Jeffrey Went Down To The Ambassador Hotel With A Young Man That He Didn't Know Too Well And When He Awoke He Found The Young Man Laying Dead And The Thought Of A Suitcase Popped Into Jeffrey's Head
Macabre - Apartment 213
At The Oxford Apartments Jeffrey Lived In 213 But His Neighbors Didn't Know That Jeffrey Was A Fiend He Said The Fridge Was Broken And The Smell Was Rotten Meat But Nobody Knew It Was The Men Tha
Macabre - Baptized
Jeffrey Found Religon In His Life And He Wanted To Be Baptized In The Prison Whirlpool He Was Baptized Minister Roy Ratcliff Performed The Rites
Macabre - Behind The Wall Of Sleep
Precious cups within the flower Deadly petals with strange power Faces shine a deadly smile Back up on you at your trial Chill and numbs from head to toe Icy sun with frosty glow Why'd you go r
Macabre - Cremator
Macabre - Diary Of Torture (Robert Berdella)
When you wake in pain at 8am to my metal bed you are tied you struggle so I take my index finger and jab it several times into your eye a cotton tip swab dipped in drain cleaner pokes your eyes
Macabre - Dr Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)
Just call me Dr. Holmes I'd like to strip your bones But first I'm going to kill you Inside of my black hotel I'll gas you in your bedroom I'm going to take your life soon Dr. Holmes he strippe
Macabre - Dr Holmes He Stripped Their Bones
Just call me Dr. Holmes I'd like to strip your bones But first I'm going to kill you Inside of my black hotel I'll gas you in your bedroom I'm going to take your life soon [Chorus:] Dr. Holm
Macabre - Freeze Dried Man
Jeffrey Dahmer wanted a freeze-dried man So he could do things he enjoyed again and again Jeff said he'd fondle, rub, and lay with his freeze dried man And pose him for pictures if flexible, with his
Macabre - Fritz Haarmann Der Metzger
Mein liebes Kind, pass besser auf, Fritz Haarmann sucht nach dir Er wird dich aufschlitzen, dein Blut verspritzen zum stillen der hungrigen Gier Warte noch ein Weilchen, warte noch ein Weilchen,
Macabre - Killing Spree (Patrick Sherrill)
Bullets spraying, people praying Show no mercy, evil slaying Bodies flying, many dying No escaping, relatives crying The lead flies free For what you've done to me I'll shoot you with my gun
Macabre - McDahmers
The Ketchup Was Blood The Mustard Was Pus Inside The Closet Was Pickled Private Parts Mcdahmers-Isn't Your Kind Of Place Mcdahmers-It's Not A Happy Place Mcdahmers-He'll Boil Off Your Face Mc
Macabre - Morbid Minister (Gary Heidnick)
I like to torture and I do it quite well kidnapped in my house you'll think you're in hell Your new home's a pit in my basement floor act up and I'll shock you with an electrical chord Morbid
Macabre - Natural Disaster
Macabre - Rat Man
The day he got bit by a rat He wanted to kill all the cats His hair it turned grey on that day He then grew a tail and some fangs He's not batman He's the ratman Rabies foaming From his mouth
Macabre - Scrub A Dub Dub
Scrub A Dub Dub Three Men In A Tub Jeffrey Dahmer Took Showers With Dead Men In His Tub He Was Too Tired To Cut Them Up So He Put Them In Cold Water With Disinfectant Scrub A Dub Dub Three Men
Macabre - Slaughter Thy Poser
Slaughter thy poser I'm thrashing him down. Thrashing him into the ground. Slamming our sledges down on their heads. All posers soon will be dead. Slicing and cleaving, enjoying their pain. Carvi
Macabre - The Boston Strangler (Albert De Salvo)
He's walking through apartment halls For a female he will end it all He'll take her nylon stockings down And her neck they'll go around You can't untangle her From the Boston Strangler He's goi
Macabre - The Brain
All That Remains Of The Man Who Was Insane Inside Of A Jar Is Jeffrey Dahmer's Brain Bbbrrraaaiiinnn Bbbrrraaaiiinnn His Father Wants To Burn The Brain And His Mother Wants It Studied For


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