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Haircut 100 - 4040 Home
Think in time Early evening light will start to fade And we'll be called inside To wait for chance to say Can I stay out late or maybe just an hour But when you call I know that all I have to say is..
Haircut 100 - Baked Bean
How about the time When I'm feeling there Feathers in science time Take that bean down Dig it in to me Be sensible Weathers in science time Be ten only How about waiting time See you on my range
Haircut 100 - Benefit Of The Doubt
What became of us In the night light turn to touch Your hand hand's don't understand what's a right from wrong When I think of all the things we've done Never made the rules But counting one to ten
Haircut 100 - Calling Captain Autumn
Give me a little breath Quarantine B.C.G. might never might rain What is is now, Hoffman style What a great film What a great weather style Calling captain autumn When will I die When can I cry F.
Haircut 100 - Fantastic Day
Well there's a great amount of strain About getting on that train Every day and every night The only thing that makes it good Is seeing my favourite sight Prance and flutter stride down that green esc
Haircut 100 - Favourite Shirts (boy Meets Girl)
Time can't afford no time Can't afford the rhyme Nevermind, someday maybe Boy meets girl And love, love is on it's way Boy meets girl Boy meets girl Bang, feel a little love Carino dime Never mind
Haircut 100 - Fish In A Bowl
Everywhere I go A thousand faces stare at me Eating from the palm a date from hand to mouth Break a leg! The shoes are on the bottom On your way But the wardrobe always stays wide open All washed u
Haircut 100 - Hidden Years
I know you're here You won't come out Below the water line Now where's my glove to keep the germs at bay So safe up here My air is clean Recycle Rarify Down in the street Deep breathe your life aw
Haircut 100 - High Noon
A leather life from the prairie to the blue, blue ocean A one horse town of promised gold and western fortune Oh, token slug of bourbon Time after time High Noon - riding a dream Lie after lie High N
Haircut 100 - Immaterial
Seasons are changing The evening's closing in Buy a small house down Where everything looks bright And cleaned so right I hope I can see you You seem so far away Everyone's leaving, they've got to g
Haircut 100 - Infatuation
Plan for your leisure Through the long cool night That sleeps into day Gave you part of my paradise But then you locked me up and flattened the key How much more can I give you? All my love is not en
Haircut 100 - Lemon Firebrigade
Why oh why Lemon firebrigade why?
Haircut 100 - Love Plus One
I, I went off to the right Without saying goodbye, goodbye Where does it go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear? Ay ah ah ah ah ah Ay ah ah ah ah ah Then I call Ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ri
Haircut 100 - Marine Boy
What they want for their lives What they want for their lives I crossed the sea in something It's very light What they want for their lives Did you glide in with great stride? Taking strength from a
Haircut 100 - Milk Film
Where is only things that they call love Being only labeled for one time Is it that you never fall in love? Riding through a parish all your life I'll be the only one Undoing what you've done Doubt i
Haircut 100 - Prime Time
Cavalier roses, but the thorns got in my soul Chocolate box intention, but a bitter taste left me cold Take a little something, a present clouds the past Traded our emotions, it couldn't last, wouldn't
Haircut 100 - Snow Girl
Snow girl Snowy girl Won't you take me down Because I'm coming down But is there anything there Everything there Everything happy with My little snow girl Snowy girl I pick up the picture of you
Haircut 100 - So Tired
Scent on a postcard A memory left behind Warm hand, cool look but no time... Winsome lose some Hung up on old flame My heart depends on fire So who am I to make demands on love? ...Relax and walk on
Haircut 100 - Surprise Me Again
Well I remember the day when she said go away I rearrange my hair Well I can't take anymore I bought some natural food And then I fell on the floor Well I can't take anymore I need a change of addres
Haircut 100 - Where Do You Run To Now
Where do you run to now? Where do you run to? How many times will I fall for the lines and your cues Where do you run to now? And where do you turn to? Passing away like the sun People leave their tr


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