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Hades Almighty - A Ballad Of Death And Obsession
She stands at the top of the castlewall she gazes at the seashore below half a glass since the crimson of dusk but her sombre soul takes no notice of such in her heart she longs for the angel of death
Hades Almighty - Again Shall Be
darkness entombs us, as we watch the mountains before waiting for the silent wind to bring us the sign of the ancient horn the bells shall chime as the towers burn in flames of eternal hate burn in th
Hades Almighty - Alone Walkyng
[Written by Richard Chaucer anno 1572] alone walkyng, in thought planing, and sore sighing, all desolate. me remembryng, of my livyng, my dethe wishyng, bothe erly and late. infortunate, is so my fat
Hades Almighty - Apocalypse
Private Apocalypse No more tears Apocalypse Are you afraid Devils dance their psychotic waltz By the sound of your pumping heart Your daemons rape your angels Your apocalypse can start Like poison
Hades Almighty - Apocalyptic Prophecies (The Sign Of Hades)
it shall come one night a darkness for centuries to last when water turns to blood andwineto poison shadows of dimensions far up high dwells strongly in a soul destend to a gloom of a thousand nights
Hades Almighty - BeWitched
hear the haunting theronade like a chant through a timeless abyss or the cries from the wolves from the long lost woods moon-less nights caress her in shades of a nocturnal beauty she dances on cemet
Hades Almighty - Carnival Blaspheme
Come gather now to this humble feast I host this hallow night come join the masquerade attend the pleasure and delight come drink the sweetest wine I serve directly from its source entangle in pure d
Hades Almighty - Crusade Of The Underworld Hordes
gathered are they, the wolves from the north and the tribes of the underworld hordes heathen men from pagan wastelands joined with them have they the stench of blood. holy blood! have penetrated th
Hades Almighty - Gardens Of Chaos (The Curse Of The Sexless Angel)
Seven signs upon the welkin high a prophecy of man to die the irony of the curse was the fact of the prayer it was invoked in ignorant despair a boundless terror blazing rage in the shape of a sexless
Hades Almighty - Glorious Again The Northland Shall Become
brave sons of the pagan age raises by the summoning of a wind from the past silently watching the valleys below as the northern light crosses the sky by the light of a thousand fires over the hills of
Hades Almighty - In The Moonless Sky
Hades Almighty - Nemesis
Lashed to your knees by a serpents tongue forced to eat the lies Jehovah. messiah. the bloodstained sword shall crush your heart the wild blood of a beast runs through the vains. even of a newborn chi
Hades Almighty - Pagan Prayer
over the cold endless mountain streem into the dark frozen forest under the snow coverd trees through the wintery whispering winds great gods of Esgerd guide us through the night let your ravens fl
Hades Almighty - Pagan Triumph
Hades Almighty - Razor
Only the crows Fly at night Viewing the desolation Only the crows Cry at night. And the victims of my desecration My time is at night When I hear the crows cry And you are so afraid my sweet Cause
Hades Almighty - Submission Equals Suicide
When the hunger Slit your mind apart And you hind yourself Strangled by the crown of thorns You crave.your soul is bleeding You throttle in a lake Of lunacy and decay You grasp for your fear Cadged
Hades Almighty - The Antichrist Inside
I am the writer of the plays, played at the theatre of pain I am the joker in the most evil of all games I host the circus of the plague SO!! Cut me with glass And poison my scars Doubtless profane
Hades Almighty - The Pulse Of Decay
So cold an embrace From the dead, Yet so familiar arms That used to belong That used to belong to a queen So cold a kiss. So cold a kiss from the lips. Once the lips of a Goddess A feather-like tou
Hades Almighty - The Tale Of A Nocturnal Empress
the wolves howled at the moon that chilly autumn night and cold winds whispered through the scattered leaves when the first light from a late, yet crimson dawn, shined through the morning mist... sh
Hades Almighty - To Reach Divine Fullfillment
Free my spirit from the flesh free my soul from the mediocre state of mortality I shall dance with the ravens that circle the sky between dream and death through eternity my soul shall journey through
Hades Almighty - Unholy Congregation
into the darkest forrest they go dressed in black dressed in coats women of evil lust unholy congregation at the darkest hour their torches they light witches hour infernal silence they wait befor
Hades Almighty - Vendetta Assassination
Do you sense the daemon that watches you While you sleep in your bed Do you feel the claw of my mental embrace Ohh suffer my daemonwrath The intense touch A touch of evil Come dance with me In this
Hades Almighty - Warcry
Heathen warcry I summon the strength of the gods warcry! my soul is free to become possessed and new reward shall be given as we ride under the... black moon cold moon full moon I grant you my sa


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