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H Blockx - Black Skies
you're sowing the seeds of hate on fields of peace curb your vicinity with vanity you're proud on each and everyone fallen to your charm, you're proud if all you bring is bitter harm you're proud o
H Blockx - Cold
Mary gets up at six in the morning she runs herself a bath while she's brushing her teeth six thirty she's styled and dressed in the kind of rag she layed out before she went to sleep noone's there
H Blockx - Discover My Soul
Look out for a better world - lost in time Look out for a better world - lost my mind Look out for a better world - look inside Look out for a better world - take what's mine Look out for a better
H Blockx - Do What You Wanna Do
I-I know it's time to realize, I-I know the love you felt for me has died, I-I try to cope with the pain inside but I just realize that I cannot hide the feelings that I have inside... Can you hear
H Blockx - Even Goes
waking up late, it seems a little like always day is gray and nothing's right - psyche I close my eyes - I see the river runs blood red and the hourglass is dripping on the wrong side, I'm tripping
H Blockx - Fight The Force
Gunshot, black man drops with fear in his eyes he lies and he cries, but they huntdown, break him down, society has made a new force, but it's not new but old, cause the force thinks of a superior race
H Blockx - Fly
alienated lying there with myself myself is someone else there's noone handcuffed in the place on that day redo the day or die that's all I think of 'but' for no lies I will deny that I hate myse
H Blockx - Gimme More
Twenty four seven and a three sixty five I am in full effect and I ain't taking no jive I got the masterplan cause I'm desaster man And I live by the 'gets' not by the 'gives' cause I can't Damn, y
H Blockx - Go Freaky
No matter where we are and no matter where we go It's our style our line and our music that we show Just listen to the beat and a little later you will know It's really freaky funky stuff and honest
H Blockx - HBlockx
Did you see my mother walking round the blocks? Did you see them nasty boys looting the lots? Did they ever miss you or did they even kiss you? Or is the only thing you see Britain's milita? If you
H Blockx - Heartblood
I hope our love lasts, passed our lifetime although some times, I know we went astray they say all ways will seperate some day so let them say, but hell that's not our way and all I know, and all I
H Blockx - Heaven
I'm longing for some space I'm longing for the place I'm longing for the days, Where you start listening to me Sometimes I cry Sometimes I hide Sometimes I buy a holiday In seven heavenly ski
H Blockx - How Do You Feel
I don't know what to say, I'm crying everyday I'm talking to you slowly, but you don't know what I mean Get down with reality, here's my resume You never ever knew me cause you never loved me I-I-I
H Blockx - I Heard Him Cry
Feel insanity tonight Lost with one long cry Try to break the loneliness No succesful try Heard that cry a thousand times Did not see the light I didn't know him demanding One last fatal try
H Blockx - Life Is Feeling Dizzy
Life is feeling dizzy, life is feeling dizzy, Life is feeling dizzy, life is feeling dizzy, Yeah, I'm in the mood to feel the groove I'm gonna push it down and I'm on the move Life stands still, fo
H Blockx - Little Girl
Time went by and it seems to me like no one in the world could ever understand me, where to go? I don't know This burning flame that burns inside of me everytime I see you, why? I don't know It
H Blockx - Move
I was sitting at my desk, I was a little depressed, my nerves laid back, I was busy stressed, messed up in the club with the girlies bt u I think about, think about, think about yoooo and I couldn'
H Blockx - One Day
it was a cold night late in june drunk and I didn't know what to do till I ran into someone new to find it's you you smiled at me and closed your eyes you kissed away your summer lies embraced my
H Blockx - Paradise Valley
can't think straight my mind is covered with clouds no doubt what I'm talking about; I've never seen a place like this I miss no bliss how could I ever forget how it feels, how it heals, my wound,
H Blockx - Pour Me A Glass
Once upon a time I was sitting by, a bottle of wine and all I knew was I, I was gonna sip it down in a little while, I drink it glass for glass but there's no reason why, The bottle of wine has a t
H Blockx - Quality Of Mind
It's allright, I close my eyes and look at you What I see is your smile shining bright at me Can you feel it? Yeah Can you feel it? Yeah When I'm down I shut my mouth and talk to you And you smil
H Blockx - Rainman
Your silence breaks my mind now Every chance i see Your eyes that look so straight thru Thru myself and part of you You can't help your feelings Hard to keep for yourself Your strength has been
H Blockx - Real Love
I gotta step back, back to see reality remember girls that were my destiny those feelings that were always inside of me always I thought - BAM - there was reality My heart my insight once had a bri
H Blockx - Stars
sunny days in a winter world scatter deception in her eyes a glimmer of white has fallen on her smile now she cries, a sunny world has died these days now I know, she longs for the days she now d
H Blockx - Step Back
Hey yo! This is Dee Bullit from Da P-Pack Posse Yo, Some motherfuckers tryin' to sweat my homies from the H-Blockx But we ain't going out like that, yo, ya listen up real good H-Blockx rollin with Da
H Blockx - Take Me Home
looking for them streetcafé–Ÿ looking for that face, a night after a day a day I made love to empty dreams and nothing's like what it seems nothing's like what it seems to be nomore freedom's
H Blockx - Tell Me Why
That tuesday night, turned 26 and I caught your smile laid down my life, one kiss would take me through the night I close my eyes, I feel your touch, I see you smile it's on my mind, it's just a drea
H Blockx - Time To Fight
My name is MC-H on an H-Blockx mission We're playing a song about nuclear fission An instrument of war and a source of energy People do not see that it's our enemy The people in Iran and Mr. Bush a
H Blockx - Wish
I wish you could find your little peace of mind I wish you would try to overcome your self-denial I wish that one day you'll come and make me say I swear, I can fly, I will take you to the sky yeah


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