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H2O - 5 Year Plan
My friends look out for me like family My mom's been struggeling since I was three My friend's look out for me like family My mom's been struggeling since I was three Am I scared, am I pushed, Am I wor
H2O - Everready
Try but you can't bring me down Try but you can't let me Try but you can't bring me down Try I've come too far now To ever close my eyes Made my mistakes And I wear no disguise I speak my mind and
H2O - Family Tree
Roots Don't forget your roots Don't forget your roots Don't forget your roots I was thinking about the good old times And all the people who helped me survive Now who the hell knows where I'd b
H2O - Friend
If I say something that you don't like Just think about it cause I may be right If I say something just hear me out Cause I just might know what I'm talking about If I say something whatever I say Cau
H2O - I See It In Us
I see it in us, I see it in us I know it's in us but I I see it in us, I see it in us I see it's in us but I I can't quite put my finger on it We're all guilty of it How many times do we end up with
H2O - Innocent Kids
Innocent kids! Young, dumb, and naive Told when to come and when to leave Used and abused, like a bad habit does Then accepted and neglected like and MTV buzz Innocent kids! Make a past for yourself
H2O - Memory Lane
Am I wasting all my time Chasing innocence to find A time in my life when I should have known better Have I wasted all these years Hiding back the tears behind a smiling face Am I a liar? Because I w
H2O - Phone Song
Sitting by myself at home Waiting for a ring I fight the urge to pick it up so I can do my thing I try to stay connected to The lives of everyone Tonight i'm calling you Cause i got nothing better t
H2O - Repair
Sunshine! It's so revealing in my head. It's still unwinding from the road Where I've been broken down. But it's nothing that I can't fix. I've been feeling, feeling broken. I'm in need of repair. Fe
H2O - Responsible
Am I responsible for what I think and feel? Is there a model I could never be Am I depending on you To show, to say, to tell me what to do Because I think, I say It helps me find a way To voice my op
H2O - Ripe Or Rotting
The clock is ticking but I'm rotting Tell me are you rotting? If you're going to change just do it now Are you ripe or rotting? Only you can keep you down Are you ripe or rotting? If you're going to
H2O - Role Model
Who can I believe in when all my heroes are gone? Does anybody out there know their right from wrong? No I can't trust the president, I can't trust the cops I can't believe my ears when the radio's on
H2O - Sacred Heart
Hear what I'm saying It was always true I was never playing When it came to you Never good at showing What you mean to me Here's my last chance To set my mind at ease And all the times you slipped
H2O - Scarred
Once again you find yourself Alone without a cause Still the same bad habits But you haven't paid the cost Still searching for the seed That grew into your need That's who you are don't hide the scar
H2O - Self Reliable
What if you could live your life Like you're the only one around Would you do it just to see if you could Or would it scare you too much Not to see your friends hail, hail the gangs not here at all Se
H2O - Songs Remain
well those 5 years are gone now, so i've got a plan that's new. I'm seeing the future. but I can't forget my roots cause it's still not a concept, someone made up on tv. it's still something real, wa
H2O - Surrounded
I wrote a story in the book of life today I turned the page and then I turned and walked away Cause what I wrote was just symbolic of the time I've been surrounded by another state of mind You do t
H2O - Thicker Than Water
My family looks out for me like friends Our story never ends We've run into the fire And somehow water somes to save us There are so few we can depend on With blood there is an honor We behave like w
H2O - This Time
Standing alone in a situation Somebody's talking their shit Trying to control my frustration Somebody's gonna get hit But when is it right to fight? And when is it right to walk away? Sometimes we ha
H2O - Underneath The Flames
Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone I hear you call my name, and it feels like... When you call my name it's like a little prayer Down on my knees I want to take you there In the midnight hour
H2O - Wake Up
Wake up, don't give up Get off your knees It's your last chance Or will you Blame it all on circumstance Where will you go? When times are slow And your still Waiting for your next command Waiting
H2O - Well Behaved
So listen up 'cause this one goes out to the way we hate We wonder how we all got so / And yes it's true we have to / But I will never understand just how You can pretend you are a fan when you don't q


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