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David Foster, Jay Graydon & Bill Champlin For awhile to love was all we could do we were young and we knew and our eyes were alive Deep inside we knew our love was true For awhile we paid no mind to
Earth Wind And Fire - All About Love
Maurice White & Larry Dunn We know it's been time talking to you, So we figure we lay it on you. Let you know how we feel about, love. Paint a pretty smile, each day lovin, is a blessing, never let
Earth Wind And Fire - All In The Way
Earth Wind And Fire - AND LOVE GOES ON
Music by: Maurice White, David Foster, Verdine White & Larry Dunn Lyrics by: Maurice White & Brenda Russel I would be so willing to give you all I got You're a special lady, forget me not I could be so
Earth Wind And Fire - ANYTHING YOU WANT
Ian Prince You were so right all along I wouldn't believe till love had gone replacing the old with the new and now that I want to see it through You tell me you care but he's still inside your hear
Earth Wind And Fire - BACK ON THE ROAD
Maurice White & Al McKay Time to get back on the road Gonna leave these troubles behind Time to carry the load what my life is a true design You won't reach me by phone I'll be moving round between
Earth Wind And Fire - BEAUTY
Earth Wind & Fire Oh when I look around me This old world seems so troubled to me * Does no one see The beauty that surrounds them Take a look around you now (sometimes) Pretty little blossoms, oh y
Earth Wind And Fire - Betcha
(Gregory Curtis) ©2003 CARDRAYGEE MUSIC (SESAC) I gave you my all from the start Every piece of my heart Making incredible love to you Growing so close everyday I never thought that you would go awa
Earth Wind And Fire - BLOOD BROTHERS
Maurice White, Jon Lind, Nicky Brown & Brock Walsh So my friend Voices from the past reunite at last Back when we grew up on the streets The world was at our feet Do you recall the two of us How we u
Earth Wind And Fire - CLOVER
Maurice White & Larry Dunn Gonna send a message how I feel to the lady that's for real Done thought it over Feels real fine Her name is Clover in my mind Gotta send this message on my mind Can't sha
Earth Wind And Fire - COULD IT BE RIGHT
Maurice White, David Foster & Allee Willis If I came to you and I said You are my desire, would it last forever If I tell you endlessly How much you meand to me Will you stay forever You and I togeth
Earth Wind And Fire - ELECTRIC NATION
Maurice White, Brain Fairweather & Martin Page We're living by computer The sound is rushing through ya Believe in what your eyes see You're in touch with the energy The rhythm of the heartbeat You c
Earth Wind And Fire - EVERY NOW AND THEN
Jon Lind & Brock Walsh I think that the worst is through I'm almost over you I guess it was just a matter of time I've started going out How long can anybody go without Before you start goin' out of
I hear voices, I see people I hear voices of many people I hear voices, I see people I hear voices of many people Talkin' 'bout everything is everything I hear music, talkin' 'bout love Everything, y
Earth Wind And Fire - EVIL
Maurice White & Philip Bailey Evil, runnin' through our brain, we and evil's about the same. Bad blood through our body flows, where's the love nobody knows. Beauty in our face you see, tryin' to hid
Earth Wind And Fire - EVIL ROY
Philip Bailey, Allee Willis & A.Z. Giles Het gets wild at night Gotta sleep all day 'Cause he's wound so tight Blowing his brains away He's in the land of the free And he wants to be Someone they al
Earth Wind And Fire - FAIR BUT SO UNCOOL
Charles Stepney & Rick Giles Glory seeker, fortune hound, don't you ever, break it on down. Ain't you been to school Ain't you learned the rules Ain't you paid them dues The life you need is fair, fa
Earth Wind And Fire - FALL IN LOVE WITH ME
Maurice White, Wayne Vaughn & Wanda Vaughn I can tell you that love Is too deep to be played on Down the line, you'd find Time would reveal who to count on I'm well inclined to use the lines That com
Earth Wind And Fire - FAN THE FIRE
Maurice White, Donald Whitehead & Wade Flemons **Ohh it's a shame I'ts a shame it's a shame The flame of love is about to die Somebody fan the fire The flame of love is about to die Somebody fan the
Earth Wind And Fire - FILL YOU UP
Ralph Tres'vant, Ralph Hawkins Jr, Paul Minor, Kevin Guillaume & Damian Johnson Ten O'clock, in my ride Drivin down the 95 Gettin to my baby's house Is all that I can think about Champagne, moonlight
Earth Wind And Fire - GETAWAY
Beloyd Talyor & Peter Cor So you say you tried But you just can't find the pleasure People around you givin' you pressure Try to resist all the hurt that's all Around you If you taste it, it will h
Earth Wind And Fire - GOOD TIME
Maurice White, Robert Brookings & Sly Stone It磗 the kind of a nite U碿ould use a friend You feeling a loss And you need a win A perfect eleven Between one and ten Got the right way To mak
Earth Wind And Fire - GRATITUDE
Maurice White, Verdine White & Larry Dunn Wanna thank you, Wanna thank you Freedom in stride, love, peace of mind We just wanna give Gratitude Got plenty love we wanna give to you With good music and
Earth Wind And Fire - HEARTS TO HEART
Maurice White, Beloyd Taylor & Azar Lawrence When ya down and you're out And you feel like you wanna shout Come along, sing along Let the music pull you out When ya down and you're out And you feel l
Philip Bailey, M. Sharron & G. Ballard Wanting you, and watching every move Turns me all over Like a first time lover's woo My heart's, your heart, And every time you hit that door There's a chance i
Earth Wind And Fire - Hold Me
(Tim Kelley/Bob Robinson) ©2003 TIME FOR FLYTES (BMI)/SONGS OF DREAMWORKS I really love the little things Little things you say to me Like tellin’ me everyday That I’m your world I r
Earth Wind And Fire - HONOR THE MAGIC
Maurice White & Freddie Ravel Hold on to your spirit Always feel your soul Honor the magic In your heart Aa family we're part of Everlasting hope Bringing the magic Giving that tender love Throug
Michael Stokes & Linda Stokes Intro: Lonely night, just one lonely night Without you Lonely night, just one lonely night Without you I remember that could September You packed your bags and you went
Earth Wind And Fire - KALIMBA STORY
Maurice White & Verdine White Saw it in a store, one day. Thought it might, make me play Future music all for you- Seen me thru my hardest times- thought it was 'bout time, to open a new world just f
Earth Wind And Fire - KEEP IT REAL
Maurice White, Sheldon Reynolds, Morris Pleasure, Paul Minor & Melanie Andrews Gotta be right Gotta hold tight my baby Cause you're my lady you're the one Love just don't happen overnight my honey Let
Earth Wind And Fire - KEEP YOU HEAD TO THE SKY
Words and Music by Maurice White Master told me one day I'd find peace in every way But in search for the clue Wrong things I was bound to do Keep my head to the sky For the clouds to tell me why A
Earth Wind And Fire - KING OF GROOVE
Morris Butch Stewart Everybody wants to be a star everybody wants to be accepted by the mass everybody wants to be raging fire but their heat don't last Everybody wanta peek into my dreams they try t
Earth Wind And Fire - LADY SUN
Beloyd Taylor You bring joy to my life And I'm so glad that we are together You're the one who lifts me up You bring sunshine where there's stormy eweather When I think of you I thank you for your lo
Earth Wind And Fire - Let Me Love You
(Gregory Curtis) ©2003 CARDRAYGEE MUSIC (SESAC) Girl close your eyes And let me love you Feel me so close My heart beats for you All the passion and the fire I can see it in your eyes tonight Cau
Earth Wind And Fire - LOVE IS LIFE
Maurice White, Donald Whitehead & Wade Flemons Have you ever seen a flower Tryin' to bloom in a dry barren land But then comes a sweet spring shower Just to lend a helpin' hand Like the love of you a
Earth Wind And Fire - LOVE IS LIFE ( REMAKE FROM 1971 )
Maurice White, Wade Flemons & Don Whitehead Have you ever, seen a flower Tryin to bloom in a dry barren land But then comes a sweet, sweet shower, Just to lend a helping hand Like the love of you & I
Earth Wind And Fire - MIGHTY MIGHTY
Maurice White & Verdine White Walk around, why wear a frown Say little people, try to put you down What you need, a helpin' hand All the strength, at your command How's ya faith? Cause ya faith is yo
Earth Wind And Fire - MIRACLES
Maurice White, Jon Lind, Eddie Del Barrio & Mary D'Astigues Let's put the day aside Let peaceful thoughts arise May your dreams be sweet tonight With kisses on your cheek and wings upon your feet Oh c
Earth Wind And Fire - MOTOR
Maurice White, Lestley R. Pierce & Frankie Blue Cool down, don't heat up that way every time we start it up then she'll say don't take love so seriously it's just what you see I don't want to push he
Earth Wind And Fire - Never
(Maurice White/Gregory Curtis) ©2003 MAURICE WHITE MUSIC/SONY TUNES, INC. (ASCAP) / CARDRAYGEE MUSIC (SESAC) Never wanna’ live without you Cause’ my life be incomplete without you so
Earth Wind And Fire - ROCK IT
Philip Bailey, Verdine White, Sonny Emory, Sheldon Reynolds, Morris Pleasure & Sir James Bailey Peace, Peace to all the wonderful people in the east, West, North & South Yea, - EWF comin at ya '96 style
Earth Wind And Fire - ROUND AND ROUND
Scott Mayo & Wil Wheaton Jr. Called you up last Wednesday morning Wanna go to lunch to see you smile Said you had to wait til evening Gotta make a run got another one on the line Don't you know your l
Earth Wind And Fire - SAILAWAY
Maurice White, Eddie DelBarrio, Philip Bailey & Roxanne Seeman Come sailaway and touch love sweet love Come sailaway fall in love with love Ah, sailaway and touch love sweet love Come sailaway fall in
Earth Wind And Fire - SHINING STAR
When you wish upon a star, Your dreams will take you very far. But when you wish upon a dream, Life ain't always what it seems. What'd you see, on night of clear, In the sky so very dear? You're a sh
Earth Wind And Fire - SIDE BY SIDE
Maurice White, Wayne Vaughn & Wanda Vaughn One year ago, love was touch and go Time made me see, solved the mystery Taught me that love and time Will change your mind and make it right Bring your dark
Earth Wind And Fire - SINGASONG
Maurice White & Al McKay When you feel down and out Sing a song, it'll make your day Here's a time to shout Sing a song, it'll make a way Sometimes it's hard to care Sing a song, it'll make your day
Maurice White, Wayne Vaughn & Wanda Vaughn Love is like something special Compared to none, it's pure celestial The game of love and life is here to stay Day by day, your heart will find a way to win
Earth Wind And Fire - SPARKLE
Maurice White, Eddie DelBarrio & Philip Bailey On a golden sky, you my sparkle flying high My vibration start to rhyme and it chimes with loves direction Now, I'm traveling my cares unraveling, flying
Earth Wind And Fire - SPIRIT
Maurice White & Larry Dunn Many years has passed and a day Still we walk, in the path That leads, to the light Shining down, on this great beyond Thoughts ignite us, let love unite us Then turn your
Earth Wind And Fire - STAR
Maurice White, Eddie del Barrio & Allee Willis In the sky, shines a star, spaces, Near and far, calling out, who you are And smiling in the night. Star light, star bright beam across the Sky -- fallin
Philip Bailey, Eddie Del Barrio, Fred Washington & Roxanne Seeman Only when my arms are holding you Then I can close my eyes And know our love is oh, so true And softly like a warm and gentle rain Som
Earth Wind And Fire - SUNDAY MORNING
Maurice White, Sheldon Reynolds & Allee Willis Intro Chorus: Ooh, Sunday morning You;re gonna find my love shining on you Oh, I'm waiting And my heart is anticipating Your face On my pillow Feel su
Earth Wind And Fire - SYSTEM OF SURVIVAL
Skylark The Human Race is runnin' over me I punch a clock at 9 and 5 Just tryin' to make a livin' A plastic face on satellite TV Says, Life is filled with give and take He's takin' and I'm givin So
Earth Wind And Fire - TAKE IT TO THE SKY
Maurice White, Garry Glenn & Larry Dunn I remember when, as a child, I used to stop and stare Looking in the sky, wondering How, did my life compare So I found thru my desire I could take it to the s
Earth Wind And Fire - THE CHANGING TIMES
Beloyd Taylor As you discover changing times You must have the strength to endure As you discover changing world You can't be guessing, you must be for sure In these ever changing times You must lear
Earth Wind And Fire - THE SPEED OF LOVE
Maurice White, Wayne Vaughn, Wanda Vaughn & Tony Haynes You can't stop me I was born to be with you Your love's my center point of view, every day You can't stop me Gonna stand right next to you Unti
Earth Wind And Fire - THINKING OF YOU
Maurice White, Wayne Vaughn & Wanda Vaughn Not to say that I'm a matchmaker But when it comes to you You met your match You're inclined to leave me fascinated By the things you do My Baby Dance You
Earth Wind And Fire - TOUCH
Martin Page & Jon Lind You're shining like the Northern Lights I hold you like a butterfly Without you it's a cold world Give in to love and rescue me All that I need is to get close Both of us know
Earth Wind And Fire - TOUCH THE WORLD
Rev. Oliver Wells She walks with a beat as she works the street in the dead of night She's been laid off and her kids must eat and his money's right A world away beneath the sun the earth goes dry A
Earth Wind And Fire - WELCOME
Bill Young, Maurice White & Ralph Johnson Overnite, I'm caught up in your love my surprise, baby all at once, you're all I'm thinking of come, share my life chorus: I'm here for you welcome to my lo
Earth Wind And Fire - Where Do We Go From Here
(Bill Meyers/Ross Vannelli) ©1978 ELECTRICBILL MUSIC (ASCAP)/ROCKWOOD MUSIC (BMI) I saw you tonight Going through all the motions with me And wondered inside If we were truly both sincere You sh
P. Seger Where have all the flowers gone A long time passing Where have all the flowers gone A long ago Where have all the flowers gone Girl, they're picked up, every one When will they ever l
Earth Wind And Fire - WIN OR LOSE
Jerry Peters & Jean Hancock I know that I'm afraid of lve The tolls seems very steep Your goals so uncontrollable Impossible to keep Despite the songs of lucky ones Those very special few Can't righ
Earth Wind And Fire - YOU
Maurice White, David Foster & Brenda Russel She was naive, and never knew Back against the world--her dreams came true There is a mirror in her eyes, all the world with cherry painted skies I would be
Earth Wind And Fire - YOU AND I
Maurice White, David Foster & Allee Willis Baby, here we are, Waiting here for time, to play the game Let love steal us away. Baby here I am, holding charts To guide us through the storm, To a bright


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