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Cadaverous Condition - A Dream Within A Dream
if it´s good to live then it´s better to be asleep dreaming has it all gone or will I fall awake will I never return to be the same again droplets of memory are all that remain strange faces promisin
Cadaverous Condition - A Song For
look at the cat, it flies above my head how will you live, how will you like it look at the cat, it flies above your head I can seldom be with you, I'm in doubt sorry I can't promise you a world withou
Cadaverous Condition - All The Vastness
outside we sit at night and watch the stars and satellites then we go inside, warm up our hands but not the chill in my heart harmony harmony harmony will never be harmony tragedy outside we stand by
Cadaverous Condition - And I Wait
I am alone: there is no God where I am pass the fields of white leave the dead behind so many impressions that night everything surrounded by tears and you in the north/south this place and eyes, my
Cadaverous Condition - And Then Forgotten
everything is alright you said it was all just a joke you smiled and I felt happy, I felt released but as I woke this dream did cease yet Carcassonne was never so far Sandra and a swastika it's all s
Cadaverous Condition - Arrival
men as trees, walking outside angels fall for us outside giants rule again outside we´ll become like them outside oh what a fine day I have my own symbols to dress I have plenty of hate for this mes
Cadaverous Condition - Beautiful
this is my heaven and this is my hell where are the depths that make me fall into where is the walk that made me fall with you where are the depths, at them I stare where is the walk that made me dare
Cadaverous Condition - Cold
a streak of black against grey it feels like sunday everyday and there is noone left to phone well, if there ever was someone it is cold outside and the snow lights up the night and I loved you more
Cadaverous Condition - Depart (With Me)
so versprecht ihr euch Ewigkeit fast von der Umarmung watch me, it sears me and then take my hand hear me, oh listen and then take my hand every dream deepens the despair all my cries hidden in lair
Cadaverous Condition - Eisbaer 90210
[Music and Lyrics by S. Eicher] [Grauzone]
Cadaverous Condition - Fall Apart
[Music and Lyrics by Douglas] [P. / David Tibet (Death In June)] [Contains an excerpt from In The Heart Of The Woods And] [What I Found There by David Tibet (Current 93)]
Cadaverous Condition - First Song
wait, here we stand starry-eyed at the crossroads I do not pretend here we stand once again I´m just passing by - come crashing into your life uncertainty not enough time let´s hesitate forever a
Cadaverous Condition - In June, As I Killed Time
later as we say goodbye I realize, all is well for her it's 3 a.m. and I don't know that my reason to live is soon to come come with me, my horizon widened dawn comes fast and the birds sing loud my
Cadaverous Condition - M
when you feel grief and lone all others appear so happy the weather then is beautiful, all could be so well and if your world falls apart all around seems laughter all those fragments fragile, now and h
Cadaverous Condition - Shine
nowhere will be world, but inside there could be a future, I see it bright, I don't see it clear there is a place, I'm part of it with you there is joy and all the pleasure and there is also something
Cadaverous Condition - Tesco Girl
oh my Tesco girl pretty foreign you are to me would you like to know yet more about our fate or the ONT how is your life ? (is it) run away with me tonight the crops may fail but you´d always be t
Cadaverous Condition - The Ever Bleating Fools
come to me, please come to me take my heart, fill up my soul take me out and take me in take my hand, let it all begin (and then let all fall down) all shall be well but not for me of what I tell in
Cadaverous Condition - The Moon And The Scars
don´t follow me now the realms of the past make the future look small divided we stand together we fall one question left so I travel back don´t follow me now don´t follow me now always the same t
Cadaverous Condition - The Sadness Out Of Me
and I know the world is cold landscapes in my psyche the dying do not cry driven apart and blown away ohne Dich wird es Nacht a tear, blood from my soul I think, therefore I cry for you, hear me oh
Cadaverous Condition - Time
and now our time comes and now our time comes there will come a time we said but time only goes the fading of the rainbow the closing of a rose we´ll make the time we vowed but times already ma
Cadaverous Condition - To Be
tears run from my feline eyes did you ever know you, so far away waiting for an answer waiting for another time some kind of heaven let your depths shine the heartland may be flooded the spire neve
Cadaverous Condition - Underneath Stars Without A Sky
look, the birds are falling down just like rain they reach the ground and all the fools keep bleating oh look, the White Ship, over there come here, but dog damned days are near I think someone tears
Cadaverous Condition - Wings But No Body
I take you to the playground near the station we'll burn down the WatchTower house and get drunk in the pub near the highway I'd like to drive on now wings but no body a yesterday curse has a hold on
Cadaverous Condition - You Remain
das was wir lieben müssen wir lassen, nur das Leid ist lang you have my words, you know my thoughts you have it all, all for you blackness all around, your hand took mine you know it, too, the Flow
Cadaverous Condition - Your And My Dead Stars
I suffer under your and my dead stars everything I'd give you, all behind my eyes just call my name and I'll be with you I call your name and there's not much you would do I suffer under your and my d


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