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C Note - A Tear Or Two
Alright, C Note C Note. I don't want you talking about me 'Cuz we got the same circle of friends It's bad enough to know you're okay without me I don't need to hear it coming from them Seems ever
C Note - Different Kind Of Love
It's Working.......... A different kind of love is what you give to me The type of love experience I know that I have never seen You take me to a place of ecstasy I've never been before You give me
C Note - Feels So Good
Clap your hands, come on clap your hands.. I'm feeling you, feeling you. Girl it feels so good when I'm with you hey hey Makes my mind a loopdy loop Oh no ain't nobody as fine as you as fine as you
C Note - I Like
I like I like I like I like oh My dreams are now reality Each and every time you are here with me A touch, you give me with you hand You caress my skin I'm under your command Girl you hypnotize
C Note - Love Of All Time
Baby, everyday I pray for someone like you. And today my prayers came true. Come on baby. Girl just let me say that thinking about you is how I start my day.. Oh girl I love your style. Baby just
C Note - My Heart Belongs To You
Hey baby, you know you're my world right? C'mon. it's you and only you. haha. Cuz my heart belongs to you baby. Oh, my heart belongs to you, di, di, di, di-ohh my love Oh me corazon es tu yo di, di
C Note - No Dejo De Pensar
No dejo de pensar en ti, todo el dia Eres mia, No dejo pensar No dejo de pensar en ti, todo el dia No dejo de pensar Yo te quiero dar todo mi calor, ay nena, te voy a ensenar Cuando estas en mis br
C Note - One Night With You
I don't wanna put no chains on you I just wanna be here loving you Cuz you touch me in the place That puts a smile right on my face But I don't wanna be holding you Baby only for an hour or two
C Note - Spanish Fly
You're my Spanish fly Yes you are yes you are yes you are You're my my my my my My Spanish Fly I feel your love inside of me Sin ti no voy a poder vivir So if you see what I can see Es porque m
C Note - Tell Me Where It Hurts
Just tell me where it hurts now baby, And I'll love you with a love so tender And if you let me stay I'll love all the hurt away Why is that sad look in you eyes Why are you crying Tell me now te
C Note - Wait Till I Get Home
Wait till I get home to that sweet, sweet lovin' Gonna get your love, gonna get it, just wait till I get home Wait till I get home to that sweet, sweet lovin' Your gonna get you love, gonna get it.


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