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C 21 - Be With You Again
I set the course I'm coming back I never should have gone I started listen? to the radio They write of you in all the songs You say it all you make it clear We shouldn't be apart I couldn't take anym
C 21 - Could You Ever
Please forgive what I said all my words I regret hope you never ever let go now I know I needed you so Tears are drowning my heart I need you to tell me tell me baby...... Could you ever love me aga
C 21 - Cuts Deep Inside
Hold me close you never really know until it goes why it ends can't you see the way your acting now is tearin' me, tearin' me apart You can't be walking out that door say(ing) you don't love me anym
C 21 - Deep Down
Drifting in a tide of emotion my state of minds got me spinning round upside down I'm tumbling to the ground ahh yeah and everytime I call you up to communicate my feelings you just back me out scream
C 21 - Hanging On A String
I can't sleep I'm incomplete as long as you don't tell me baby the one thing I need to know right know If only you would, call me and put on hold those dreams your lost in baby just let me know, let
C 21 - Learning By Living
How are doing are you okay Its lovely day why hide away Forget the ceel phone and just let it ring Pull the curtain and see what it brings Take your hand out of your pocket And show them what you got
C 21 - Love Will Never Die
So many words to say so many words to spell the way you make me feel I want my heart to tell No place to run and hide don't you know.... That I've been strong enough for loneliness I'm holding back
C 21 - Say It Again
I can't believe that were sitting here it's like a dream come true after all these years I've been looking for love in every possible place searching for an answer in every strangers face I didn
C 21 - Standing On The Edge
Life is more than just a feeling and love is more than you and me No matter what this world can't stop me no matter how it's gonna be And I just need to know you will be there and catch me if I
C 21 - Stuck In My Heart (Acoustic)
Can't you tell you've been all over me like a spell - I know (I never wanna let you go) Can't you see you've been changing the world around me - I know (I never wanna let you go) If you hold me close
C 21 - You Are The One
It's early in the morning soon another day will dawn I can't wait to feel your arms around me again I believe that we could lay down the world together we could live the dream that never ends Open


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