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Versuri Cadaverous Condition - You Remain


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Versuri >> Cadaverous Condition >> You Remain
Videoclip Melodie
das was wir lieben müssen wir lassen,

nur das Leid ist lang

you have my words, you know my thoughts

you have it all, all for you

blackness all around, your hand took mine

you know it, too, the Flower, remember

words are hard to find, to catch the spirit

that charmed my soul, that crippled me

that piece of life you held, you mesmerize it

it haunts me all the time, you are in my dreams

you remain may it be again

you remain eyes as the rain

you remain time in pain

you remain I wait in vain

I've cried for you, I cry for you

why can't it be alright, why can't it be forever

it is disillusioned, but still I don't know

I can't see through, what do you do

- I am in your dreams

the ones able to be recalled

and those disremembered

and the ones that don't come true

you wish that those fragments may not dissolve

for there are some

there is one

who can make this picture whole

eyes and hearts and thoughts to see

my life, a hand to hold, to be

tears reign in heaven, rain for me

oh lead me back to ecstasy

tears fall on the Flower, fall on you

tears fall on the angel, fall on you

I'd give it all up, now, for you

(please) return the joy when I'm with you

give me a souvenir that reminds me of you

I'm standing here and I think of you

some of us are precious, some of us feel pain

in my mind, you remain

I call your names, all the more I feel (the

I reach out for, may I not feel (the stranger and
the fear)

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