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Versuri Cadaverous Condition - In June As I Killed Time


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Versuri >> Cadaverous Condition >> In June, As I Killed Time
Videoclip Melodie
later as we say goodbye

I realize, all is well for her

it's 3 a.m. and I don't know that

my reason to live is soon to come

come with me, my horizon widened

dawn comes fast and the birds sing loud

my eyes are coloured with the red

that's on the sky and the clouds

I see it all through a romantic haze

and wait to be cut again

by the not so fair

the barbed and poisoned dart of Cupid

tell me what friends are for

I hate all my sadness songs

my dreams are difficult and they

depend on and collapse with yours

later as we say goodbye

I realize, all is well for her

it's I don't know and I don't care

but a reason to live is yet alive

come with me to complete my life

night comes fast and the air is warm

my eyes are filled with the kissing,

glancing, loving, bleeding, singing...

may your pains be softened

may your throes be driven away

may your pains be softened

there are things that wash me away

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